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Easy Installation Components

Marine Dock Installation has a well deserved reputation for being the most hated chore a cottage owner has to tackle each year. Those who hate it always have the same situation - a heavy all pine dock that requires 100% augering. You know the drill, buy a case of beer, call some buddies and plan on spending several hours, if not several weekends of hard work.

We talk to dozens of customers each year who in frustration decide they will do or pay almost anything to eliminate this back breaking work. They look at rolling boat docks only to find out that they are mega-expensive and impractical in most situations. They look at floating docks and discover that the sections are very heavy and move all over the place every time a wave comes along.

Most are unaware that a properly designed Alumi-Span 40 foot boat dock can be installed by two people in about 15 minutes without any augering or heavy lifting, even in muck! Lightweight sections help a lot and Alumi-Span has several styles and sizes that weigh less than 100# (weight chart above). Light weight sections are not the only thing that speeds up installation. Please see some of Alumi-Span's specially designed easy installation components below.

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Boat Dock Components


Perma Auger

Designed to allow an augered dock installation without any of the work! You simply auger them in one time only. Perma Auger is heavy duty and designed to be left in the water under the ice line year around. Regular post assemblies simply drop right into them. Perma Augers cut installation times by 65% and the dock is always perfectly positioned. The top of the Perma Auger has a large plastic funnel to make it easy to slip the post in even if visibility is restricted by waves. Perma Augers can be used in combination with bottom plates as well. It also gives you the option to put the last section in first since you know exactly where it will go. Perma Augers stick out of the bottom of the lakebed about 4" and should not be used in less than 2 ½' of water. These units are 29" in length and are adjustable for depth or situations requiring more post to be augered into the ground. An inexpensive special installation post is required for these units, but it keeps you dry and makes installation a breeze.

Perma Auger Perma Auger

Big Foot

For people with mucky bottoms dock installation can be really difficult. With Alumi-Span's famous Big Foot system muck installation is much easier. You simply push the Big Foot into the muck and it stays in the water year around below the ice line. Big Foot starts with a large heavy treated board with two perfectly spaced holes. Heavy duty aluminum tubes are then attached and both have a vertical adjustment feature. Standard 2" post assemblies or individual posts can drop right into these tubes without further adjustment. This greatly reduces installation times and also gives you something to stand on while in the water. The dock is perfectly positioned every year. Big Foot includes plastic pole guides and a variety of board sizes are available. Properly set up, you can install a regular Alumi-Span section in about 3-4 minutes. Big Foot systems require at least 10" of muck and should not be used in less than 2 ½' of water.

Big Foot Big Foot

Series B Sections

In addition to our standard sized sections we have special 5'X3' or 5'X4' aluminum sections that are not only ultra light (59#-71# incl. legs) but each one snaps into the one behind it without out tightening any fasteners. Most users simply leave the post assembly on and store them upside down. Installation time is about as fast as you can carry these lightweight units into the water. These strong sections are best used in nice beach areas and at a maximum depth of about 4'. Call for more information on Series B dock sections.

Telescoping Legs

These leg assemblies can be used anywhere you have tough to adjust blind posts - typically under a dock. Adjustments are easily made with one turn of a 9/16" open end wrench. Standard height ranges are 18"-36"; 36"-54"; and 54"-72". Assembly includes cast telescopic bracket and 2" O.D upper tube, 2.3" O.D. lower tube and special bottom plate. These telescoping legs may be used in combination with Alumi-Span's unique Under Dock Leg Mount Kit so that posts can be hidden under the dock either for esthetic or practical reasons. A standard 300C clamp can be added to the top for fastening to a horizontal tube.

Telescoping Legs

Muck Boards

Dock owners sometimes go to a lot of work to auger a long post way down into heavy muck. By clamping a 211 bottom plate a few feet from the bottom of an existing post and one of our heavy muck boards right underneath (they have a 2" hole in them) , it is often much easier just to "jam" it down into the muck. The board will stop it from going too far. This in turn can allow you to use a shorter post saving you money and back breaking work.

muck boards

Bottom Plates

The cheapest way to make a boat dock easier to install is by getting rid of most of your augers and replacing them with bottom plates. You usually only need augers right where you tie a boat and if your bottom is reasonable solid the other posts can use bottom plates which will significantly reduce your time and effort. Alumi-Span bottom plates are made in two pieces from high quality cast aluminum. They clamp perfectly square and won't damage the posts like cheap stamped plates using a simple thumb screw. If you're going to use bottom plates your deck will need to be fastened to the cross arms, otherwise the dock would simply fall over. With nearly all manufactured docks this is accomplished by means of stringer brackets (see do it yourself dock parts). Alumi-Span's 100C stringer bracket can be used on most boat docks including all wood docks if you don't already have them. Stringer Brackets allow the dock to sit like a table without falling over, eliminating the need for augers that are not being used to tie up a boat.

Small Bottom Plate


Alumi-Span has a wide variety of lightweight trusses that are used to ease the installation of a boat dock platform. While there are other ways to do it, our lightweight aluminum trusses make it much easier. When used with our heavy duty Large Bottom Plates you end up with assemblies that can stand up in the water like a large sawhorse. The deck sections then are placed on top and bolted down. A large 20' X 12' platform using our system can easily be removed and stacked on shore by two people in 30-40 minutes without any need for you to go under the platform. Smaller platforms go in even faster. Standard truss lengths are from 8' to 20', however there are no blind post under Alumi-Span trusses. Adjustable legs can be used in the middle on anything over 12' but only one additional leg is needed and it can be easily adjusted.

16' Truss

Snap-On Diagonal Braces

Only from Alumi-Span, this brace helps eliminate the pendulum effect when using longer posts. They come in 4', 5', 6', & 8', standard lengths and are designed to fit a *2" O.D. post. The longitudinal version can run parallel to a dock section and be pushed onto the bottom of a post on one end and the top of the post on the other. Best of all, unlike competitive brands, ours simply snap on in seconds. No more reaching into cold water to fasten bolts. For those who like the older style bolt on diagonal braces, we still carry them in the same lengths. * Measure carefully as the Snap-On version of this product only works on 2" O.D. Post. 1 7/8" post will require the bolt on design.

Snap-On Diagonal Brace

Seawall Mounting Bracket

Our heavy duty brackets are made of aluminum channel and allow you to easily start the first section in exactly the right direction so that the end of the last section will be right where it was last year. They bolt flush to the top of most seawall designs. The end of any 4" high dock section fits right inside this channel and is secured simply by dropping a bolt into a 3/8" hole drilled in the top of each corner. If you have an angled concrete break wall without a cutout for the boat dock please call us for other options for flush mounting your dock.

Seawall Bracket

Dock/Seawall Stairs

You don't want a flimsy stairs. It needs to feel safe and sturdy in the water. Alumi-Span uses a tough welded aluminum frame with an aggressive Poly tread that grips under water even when covered with algae. Flow through design resists wave action (post and sea wall attachments are also available). Unlike most stairs, our risers are covered to re-enforce the structure and prevent feet and legs from slipping through (remember you often cannot see where you're stepping under water). Also perfect to allow dogs to get into the water. 3' wide units come in 2, 3, 4, & 5 step models with each step gaining 9". It includes a handrail that can be mounted on either side. A second handrail is optional.

Dock/Seawall Stairs

Dock Post Turn Rod

Our turn rods are a simple but necessary device. They are 20 inches long and will fit into any dock post with a 9/16 or larger diameter turn bar hole.

Dock Post Turn Rod

Dock Post Ratchet

These cast aluminum units make installing and removing augers much easier without damaging the post or raising sharp burrs. It works just like a socket wrench. Fits up to 2 1/8” O.D. tube and comes with a 19” metal handle. Ratchet mechanism is reversible. This post ratchet is made in the USA. Don't fall for cheap foreign copies of this product. There is a reason the companies selling those also offer parts for them.

Dock Post Ratchet