10X4 Anodized Aluminum Dock Section

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Part Number:86-2-2-2
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Anodized aluminum dock sections are one of the best options for a dock system.  Nothing’s lighter, cooler, or stronger.  Better yet, anodized aluminum offers superior value since the sections last almost indefinitely.  There are plenty of low end anodized aluminum dock sections on the current market that use individual boards that are welded together.  The majority of these products use paper thin aluminum extrusions and questionable aluminum alloys as well.  Alumi-Span uses a hinged deck board design that is similar to tongue and groove flooring.  The 4' wide sections are also reinforced by a custom designed "T" stringer down the center.  This design allows us to build the sections using stainless fasteners instead of welding them. These sections are not only stronger than many welded units, they are much quieter as well.  In our own testing we get as much as 35% more strength out of our sections than some of the cheaper alternatives. 

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