5 Bolt-On Dock Accessories You Need

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/30/2020

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your dock?


If you’re looking for a unique accessory with long-term benefits, there are many options you can choose to make your lakeside experience better. 


High-quality durable accessories that are compatible with your dock will let you and your guests of all ages use your dock in all kinds of weather.


  1. Upgraded ladders and stairs – With so many ladder and stair variations for docks, it can be overwhelming. Swing ladders are great for small crafts like kayaks and canoes. Railings and stairs are a great option for easily entering and exiting the water safely. See our complete list of stairs and ladders here!
  2. Weather station – Besides adding to your nautical décor, a weather station could help you prepare for trouble on the water.
  3. Flagpoles – A flagpole capable of handling the elements is a must if you want to fly your team colors or the red, white, and blue from the end of your dock. A marine specific flagpole kit is best for this application.
  4. Dock stereo system – An outdoor speaker system is a great option for those of us who love to entertain or fill the silence while swimming, fishing, or lying in the sun. An outdoor speaker system with Bluetooth and smartphone integration and outdoor-friendly speakers is a great way to make your dock double as a spot to host friends and family.
  5. Racks and ports – From kayaks to jet skis, the different toys you use on the water often have specific storage needs. Kayak racks, for instance, allow you to store your kayaks securely and safely. (Read more about dock accessories for your kayak or canoe here)


Buy a Boating Enthusiast a Dock Accessory Gift!


Dock accessories are great gifts for the boating enthusiasts in your life! We stock over 250 components and accessories for 25 different deck sizes and styles.


We can UPS ship any of our parts that are 8’ or under. Dock sections and stairs have to be shipped LTL freight. If you are located in Lower Michigan, Northern Ohio or Northern Indiana, we can ship to you economically using our own delivery vehicles.


If you’re in one of these areas, give us a call to talk about shipping and delivery!


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