5 Things to Consider when Building a Custom Boat Dock

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 9/1/2017
Would you describe your style as all custom everything?

Dreaming about a custom boat dock?

Want to know your options for a boat dock at your waterfront property? Searching for a supplier of boat dock parts for a custom dock?

If you live at or own waterfront land, your water access may be the single most important feature of your property. Being so important, a totally custom boat dock has its immediate appeal to those in the market for a new dock. But before you commit to a decision to go custom, there are a few things you might want to consider!

Take a look at our top considerations when building a custom boat dock and find out if this option is right for you:

1.    DIY vs. Professional

Even if you’re a DIY veteran, building a boat dock carries unique challenges you’ve likely never faced before, being based in the water. If you’re not prepared to do a lot a research, the DIY route may not be the best choice for you this time around. Going with a professional can give you more security in your investment and more options for customization!

2.    Cost

In most cases if you want something customized, it comes with an up-charge. A custom dock is no different. Adding special material, labor, and design can bring your costs up. You have to ask yourself in the custom features you’re hoping for are worth the price.

3.    Demand

Make sure you know the demands on your space well! Design your custom dock based on purpose, climate, and weather. It might turn out that a dock feature you love isn’t really suitable for your property or the main purpose of the dock.

4.    Features

Be well read when it comes to boat dock features so you can include everything you want! You’ll need to think about the type of dock (fixed or floating), lighting, seating, slips, covers, platforms, and more features.

5.    Future Use

Consider what is in store for future use of your boat dock, not just what you’re using it for today. If you’re using quality boat dock parts in your custom design, the dock will be around for many years to come. Leave room for a growing family or expanding fleet in your plans. 

Custom boat docks have so much to offer and can be an incredibly rewarding investment! If you’re looking for help making your custom boat dock dream a reality, give us a call today! We’re happy to take you step-by-step through the entire design and building process, or guide you in the right direction to quality boat dock parts.