7 Reasons a Custom-Built Boat Dock is Best

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 11/29/2017
Planning on building a new boat dock, but not sure if customization is right for you? Feeling a little jealous of your neighbors’ custom aluminum boat docks and looking for more information? Want to bring your love of custom products all the way to your boat dock?

Putting in a new boat dock is an opportunity to take full advantage of your waterfront property. You could go with plain and simple functionality. You could even go the DIY route. But imagine working with a professional installer to build a custom dock you’ll not only use but love!

Custom-building may sound a bit luxurious, but when it comes to making the most of your water access, it could really be your best bet! Take a look at the 7 reasons custom-built is best:
  1. Aesthetics: whatever look you love in a boat dock or décor in general can be achieved when you go custom! Whether you’re a purist or want a dock to match the design of your house, a contractor will be able to bring your vision to life.
  2. Storage: don’t ruin the beautiful view of a new boat dock with a storage eye-shore! With a custom-build, you and your contractor can include attractive storage solutions in the design to keep gear and tools out of sight but readily accessible.
  3. Usability: elements that aren’t part of a traditional boat dock design can add tremendous functionality to your dock and help you get significantly more use out of it. Upper decks and metal roofs may help you enjoy your dock even more than you could imagine.
  4. Confidence: trusting your custom-build to a quality contractor should give you confidence that your dock is built to last and meets all the codes and zoning requirements.
  5. Toys: if you and your family or friends make use of a variety of water vehicles, a custom-built dock can help you better enjoy and store everything from motor boats, to canoes, to jet skis.
  6. Features: upgraded features such multiple-levels, electricity, or running water are easier to incorporate in an initial custom design than to add in later. So if you think you’d appreciate any of these features, go custom from the start!
  7. Relax: you won’t have to stress about the execution or installation of your boat dock if you go with a custom design and professional installation. Spend your time planning out weekends on the lake instead!

To get the most out of your water access, custom-built is the best route for your new boat dock. With great design and flawless execution, your new dock will be the envy of the neighborhood! If you have questions about aluminum boat docks and custom-builds, give us a call today!