Manufactured from Top Quality U.S. Made Materials

Alumi-Span offers a variety of unique dock accessories that add convenience and function to your boat dock. Alumi-Span accessories are extremely durable. We stay away from poorly made foreign components as they almost never meet our high quality standards. Most of the accessories Alumi-Span offers are items that are manufactured by us and they are designed around our own boat dock system. The Alumi-Span system uses 4" high "F " style stringers on the deck frame and 2" O.D. tubing for the support structure. These are very popular dimensions used on other boat docks so many of our accessories will fit other brands. Be careful in measuring your existing post diameters as another common size is 1 7/8" outside diameter. Some of our items will fit this size, others will not. If in doubt of your pole size or whether or not Alumi-Span accessories will fit on your boat dock, measure your post and stringers and give us a call!

For nearly 60 years Alumi-Span has provided entire dock systems and component parts for docks to property owners who want their docks to last. Need assistance selecting the right Alumi-Span products for your dock? Get in touch with us at 855-523-2444.

Our knowledge about boat docks can help you construct the perfect dock that will serve you for years. If you’ve tried other boat dock parts and were disappointed in their performance, it’s time to go with Alumi-Span. Contact us today.