Aluminum Boat Docks: Easy to Maintain, Long-Lasting

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 1/31/2024
Aluminum Boat Docks: Easy to Maintain, Long-Lasting
Spring is on the way! Is your dock prepared for the season?

Have you considered upgrading to an aluminum boat dock?

Aluminum boat docks are very low maintenance. However, even though they’ll rarely need your attention, the sturdiest docks still require a lot of up-front work to stand up to intense storms, heat, and high winds here in the Midwest. Protect your investment with regular inspections and maintenance!

Here’s what we recommend:

  • If you leave your dock in year-round, you should perform a maintenance check in the spring. Look for obvious signs of damage and corrosion before you attempt to use your dock recreationally.
  • Lake levels can fluctuate several inches year to year. Water levels change based on rain patterns or land use near your lake. You never want waves to come over the top of your dock, so check your platform height from the water and modify the leg heights as needed.
  • Ice can put a lot of twist pressure on structures, so be sure to inspect the brackets, clamps, and hardware. If you do find a cracked part, you can order a replacement for that piece. Check to see if your dock stayed level. You might choose to have it ramped up a bit from the shore or seawall, but it should be as level as possible. You can use a carpenter’s level or you can just measure from the deck to the water surface.
  • Your aluminum dock will not rust, but it can get dirty. Aluminum docks also get their fair share of algae, dead worms, leaves, and general lake gunk. It’s a good idea to clean your dock at least once a year.
A few hours of work in the spring will give you a whole long summer and fall of no-worry recreation on the water. With a little attention, your aluminum boat dock will outlast your boat.

Q & A

Before you purchase a boat dock, you probably have a few questions. Here are the most common questions we get from customers:

Q: Do Aluminum docks get hot?

A: We anodize the dock sections and stringers. Anodized Aluminum is the coolest dock we sell. Mill finished aluminum docks offered by other dock companies will turn dark and get very hot. Alumi-Span does not offer mill finished aluminum on our dock sections.

Q: Can I rebuild my old aluminum framed dock sections?

A: You can rebuild your old aluminum dock sections. We sell treated pine and stained cedar panels to replace worn out wood dock sections. Our unique interlocking aluminum board design also allows you to replace old wooden sections with cool anodized aluminum decking.

Q: Can I order your products online?

A: Everything we have on the website is available for purchase. All dock parts, poles, and accessories under 8 feet can be shipped UPS and can be purchased in our online store. Dock sections cannot be purchased online, so please call us directly for section prices. If you are trying to purchase a complete dock system, call us directly for a quote.

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