Aluminum Dock Designs for Your Summer Property

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 5/25/2023
Aluminum Dock Designs for Your Summer Property
Getting ready for another summer at the lake?

Does your dock need repairs, or do you need to replace it?

Rather than dreading this chore, take this as an opportunity to build a boat dock that meets all your family’s needs and as an investment in your property.

Building a new dock is exciting! You’re probably already looking forward to swimming, boating, or entertaining on your dream dock. If you’ve thought about it for a long time, you may already have design ideas, but there are some important factors to consider before you put your bank account behind your dream dock design.

  1. Budget: Materials for aluminum boat docks make up a huge chunk of your overall budget. Luckily, while aluminum dock sections may cost more up front than their wooden counterparts, they don’t require as much maintenance and will last longer.
  2. Dock plans: What are you going to use your dock for? Is it only a place where you’ll access your watercraft, or one where you’ll also be spending time relaxing or hosting get-togethers? If you want to use it for both, we recommend an aluminum dock because it’s lightweight, easy to clean, and doesn’t get as hot in the summer sun as other materials.
  3. Maintenance and aesthetic appeal: If you want to spend more time enjoying your dock and less time working on it, the type of material you choose is crucial. Wood decking is aesthetically pleasing and traditional, but also required annual power washing or stain every 3-4 years. In contrast, aluminum decking can be set out and essentially forgotten about. You can also get aluminum docks that mimic the look of wood if you prefer the natural look.
  4. Your dock’s location: It’s important to accommodate the unique characteristics of the body of water where it your dock will be installed. Factors like wind, waves, shore geology, the lake bottom, and water level are critical in the planning process. Depth, drop off, and seasonal water level changes should also be considered. 

Achieve the Perfect Dock Design with Alumi-Span Docks

Dock design is an important part of the dock building process. A large, rectangular shape is easy to build and functional, but does it really serve your needs, or could you have something more unique that will impress your friends and neighbors and combine your outdoor hobbies?

If you’re planning a dock, Alumi-Span can help you make the choices to fit your lifestyle and budget. We’ve been a name you can trust since 1956. With our dock design tool, you can customize your dock to fit your needs.

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