Alumispan Telescoping Leg Assembly 45"-65"

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Part Number:172-2
These leg assemblies can be used anywhere you have tough to adjust blind posts - typically under a dock. Adjustments are easily made with one turn of a 9/16” open end wrench. Standard height ranges are 25”-45”, 45”-65”, and 65”-85”. Assembly includes cast telescopic bracket and 2” O.D upper tube, 2.3” O.D. lower tube and special bottom plate. These telescoping legs may be used in combination with Alumi-Span’s unique Under Dock Leg Mount Kit so that posts can be hidden under the dock either for aesthetic or practical reasons. A standard 300C clamp can be added to the top for fastening to a horizontal tube. These will also easily attach to a regular Alumi-Span cross-arm.

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