Alumi-Span designs and manufactures most of these components in-house. In recent years some of our competitors have been bringing in cheap boat dock parts mostly from China and finding every other possible way to cut corners. We will not go down that road. Alumi-Span uses high quality castings and extrusions in the applications where they work the best and our alloys are specifically chosen for their intended purpose. Other alternatives like cheap stampings or fabricated parts can't be produced with the exact shape needed and can result in excessive play or a noisy boat dock installation. With some of these designs it is difficult to make even simple adjustments. We use proper corrosion resistant fasteners for all applications. Holes are machined with jigs and fixtures. Alumi-Span products are tested in the water before being offered for sale. We've also tested many of the foreign parts flooding the market and they tend to be "one size fits all" and not suitable for a quality boat dock. You can rest assured that Alumi-Span boat dock parts are always of high quality.
Products (Total Items: 23 )
100B Stringer Bracket
Average Rating(11)
211 Bottom Plate
Average Rating(5)
Regular Auger
Average Rating(8)
Large Bottom Plate
Average Rating(1)
300C Cross Arm Clamp
Average Rating(5)
300B Cross Arm Clamp
Average Rating(3)
220 Mud Auger
Average Rating(1)
Plastic Post Cap
Average Rating(6)
Side Mount Bracket
Average Rating(0)
Double End Clamp
Average Rating(1)
Stringer Rest
Average Rating(1)
500 Diagonal Body
Average Rating(2)
501 Ring Clamp
Average Rating(0)
Bolt on Diagonal Assembly
Average Rating(1)
310-A 3-Way Truss Clamp
Average Rating(0)
315 2 Way Truss Clamp
Average Rating(0)
330 Post Clamp Mount Assembly
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102 Bracket cap
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#1100 Corner Casting For Aluminum Caps
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2X2 FT Mud Board (OUT OF STOCK)
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Not for Sale
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95 Inch Long Anodized Aluminum Stringer
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Not for Sale
10 FT Anodized Aluminum Stringer
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Not for Sale