Dock Accessories Checklist

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 10/1/2021
Boat docks are an essential part of lake life in the Midwest, and getting the right accessories can take your experience to a completely new level.

You can find accessories that make all things lake-related simpler, and accessories that will make your dock more fun when you’re not on the water.

Having a dock itself is nice, but it can feel lacking without a few of these boat dock parts:

  1. Dock Bumpers – Installing bumpers is an incredibly easy way to protect your dock and your boat, and will reduce the need for repairs. You might be the best boat driver in the world, but the extra peace of mind gained from the protection is worth it.
  2. Dock Lights – Boating at sunset is an incredible experience, but docking your boat afterwards can be hazardous without sufficient lighting. Finding the right lights can extend the amount of time you can spend safely using your dock, in addition to improving how it looks.
  3. Ladders – If you plan on spending any time swimming from your dock, a ladder is a necessity. Easy access going in and out of the water will not only make swimming easier, but also completing any maintenance needed on your dock or boat. 
  4. Fishing Accessories – Are you a fisher? Installing a few accessories can take your dock to a whole new level. If you want to be able to drop multiple lines at once you can add a few rod holders. If you want to clean your fish right on your dock, installing a fish cleaning table is a great option.
  5. Piling Caps – Dock pilings play an integral role in the structure of your dock, and protecting them from damage is as simple as adding piling caps. They’ll also keep birds away!
  6. Railings – You’ll never want someone to fall in water from your dock, so consider adding railings. This will increase the stability and comfort of those around you.

Accessories help you get the most out of your dock by improving its functionality and beauty. With a quite a few different options, it can help to talk to an expert about what accessories are right for you.


It’s never too early to start shopping for next summer. We have great deals available in the off-season, so it’s a great time to buy. Call Alumi-Span to get started on your journey to having the perfect dock.