Dock Accessories for Your Kayak or Canoe

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 11/1/2019
Is your dock on a lake or river where the water level fluctuates often?

Do you use your dock for launching a kayak, canoe, or other small craft? If you have concerns about safely launching your small craft from your dock, we can help! There are a variety of boat dock parts that can help protect your family and friends.

  • Floating Dock & Kayak Launch Systems - Kayak launches are easily attached to our aluminum boat docks or boat ramps. These launches provide grab bars to make it easier for the passenger, and are available for both residential and commercial docks.
  • Swing Ladders - This type of ladder attaches to the kayak dok and provides convenient access to and from the water. The design allows the ladder to be lifted clear of the water to prevent any growth on the ladder and rails.
  • Cleats and bumpers - Cleats attach along the perimeter of your dock and provide a temporary tie-off points for boats and other small craft. Bumpers will help protect your dock and your boat.

Other accessories to consider:

  • Handrails
  • Gangway
  • Tool Kit for small repairs

Making a DIY Dock? We’ve got the Boat Dock Parts You Need!

Alumi-Span offers a variety of unique dock accessories that add convenience and function to your boat dock. Alumi-Span accessories are extremely durable. We stay away from poorly made foreign components as they almost never meet our high quality standards. Most of the accessories Alumi-Span offers are items that are manufactured by us and they are designed around our own boat dock system.

For nearly 60 years Alumi-Span has provided entire dock systems and component parts for docks to property owners who want their docks to last. Need assistance selecting the right Alumi-Span products for your dock? Get in touch with us at 855-523-2444.

Our knowledge about boat docks can help you construct the perfect dock that will serve you for years. If you’ve tried other boat dock parts and were disappointed in their performance, it’s time to go with Alumi-Span. Contact us today.