Dock Design and Construction Ideas

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 7/1/2020

Are you planning to build a new boat dock on your waterfront property?

Are you intimidated by the building process?

A boat dock design might seem really technical and complicated, but there aren’t too many differences between a boat dock and a backyard deck. If you’ve tackled that DIY project before, you’re probably already knowledgeable in the factors to build your own boat dock!

Planning Your Boat Dock Design

Before shopping, make sure you take the type to plan your design. Consider materials like wood, composite, or aluminum dock sections.

Other factors to keep in mind are:

·         Location of your dock (will it be in the full sun, or shade?)

·         Depth of water around the dock (do you need a railing?)

·         Any local town or municipal coding requirements or permits needed

·         Average number of boats that will be anchored to the dock

·         What size is your dock?

Getting the size of your dock can be frustrating if you have to measure several times, but you’re in luck! We’ve got our own dock design tool that you can use to get a quote!

Install the Dock Properly

Dock Installation has a well-deserved reputation for being the most hated chore a cottage owner has to tackle each year. Those who hate it usually have the same situation - a heavy all pine dock that requires 100% augering. You know the drill, call some buddies, buy a case of beer, and plan on spending several hours working and cussing.

We talk to dozens of customers each year who in frustration decide they will do or pay almost anything to eliminate this back breaking work. They look at rolling docks and many other fancy options, only to find out that they are mega-expensive and most of them don't work nearly as well as advertised.

Most of these people are unaware that a properly designed conventional dock can be installed in about 3 minutes per section without any augering or heavy lifting, even in muck! The fact that they can save thousands of dollars while retaining the flexibility of nearly any configuration is icing on the cake.

Read more of our installation tips here.

Choose the Perfect Dock Decking

The traditional decking choice is wood. Offering a natural look, wood planking can be finished with a water-resistant surface treatment. Composite decking is more modern, and makes a perfect choice for docks that take a lot of abuse.

Our choice for the perfect decking material is aluminum! Anodized aluminum dock sections are one of the best options for a dock system. The combination of light weight, high strength, cool to walk on, and easy stack-ability make this dock design.

Experts at Alumi-Span Docks can help with Dock Design!

For nearly 60 years, Alumi-Span has provided entire dock systems and component parts for docks to property owners who want their docks to last. Need assistance selecting the right Alumi-Span products for your dock? Get in touch with us at 855-523-2444.

Our knowledge about boat docks can help you construct the perfect dock that will serve you for years. If you’ve tried other boat dock parts and were disappointed in their performance, it’s time to go with Alumi-Span. Contact us today!