Dock Storage Ideas

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 6/22/2018
Do you have a boat dock but have trouble storing all your dock accessories?

Do you want to host summer parties utilizing your dock but worry it looks too cluttered?

Are you looking for a convenient place to store your gear?

Dock storage can be easily overlooked as you build and install your dock. Many people store all their gear and accessories in a garage or shed, but how many trips to the shed and back to the dock will you have to make?

Keep these ideas in mind as you get your lake house or lakefront property ready for boating this summer:

  • Trashcan: This item is easy to forget, but it will be obvious if you start to find candy bar wrappers, cans and bottles, or other trash strewn across your lawn after a party! Having a trash can on your dock makes it easy to clean up after using the dock for swimming or fishing, and can reduce clean-up time after an outing on the boat too.
  • Fish cleaning station: More and more companies are revving things up by adding sinks and knife racks to their outdoor fish cleaning tables. You can find one that has a FDA-approved surface for cleaning to minimize contamination of your food.
  • Combined storage and seating: Think of your dock as an extension of your outdoor living space. This space is where you can gather with friends and family and really make full use of your dock. Find a bench that also has a storage area underneath. You can store things like extra blankets and cushions to keep them out of the way and dry when they’re not in use.

Custom boat docks have so much to offer and can be an incredibly rewarding investment! If you also design your dock with storage in mind, you can get use out of it even when you’re not on the water.

If you’re looking for help making your custom boat dock dream a reality, give us a call today! We’re happy to take you step-by-step through the entire design and building process, or guide you in the right direction to quality dock accessories.