Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What brands of dock sections do you carry?

A: Alumi-Span is a dock manufacturer that sells our own high quality dock sections, accessories, and parts to lake communities in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.


Q: Can I order your products online?

A: Everything we have on the website is available for purchase. All dock parts, poles, and accessories under 8 feet can be shipped UPS and can be purchased in our online store. Dock sections can be purchased but please call us directly to ensure order accuracy. If you are trying to purchase a complete dock kit and would like a delivered price call us directly for a quote.


Q: Is there a warranty on your dock products?

A: With the exception of wood, Alumi-Span made products are warranted for 15 years against defects in workmanship and materials. Products we purchase carry their manufacturer’s warranty.


Q: Can I build the dock myself?

A: Alumi-Span offers everything we use in manufacturing for sale to the general public. From aluminum stringers to stained cedar deck boards you can order anything individually. If you would like to purchase something not available on the website please give us a call.


Q: Can I rebuild my old aluminum framed dock sections?

A: You can rebuild your old aluminum dock sections. Alumi-Span can sell treated pine and stained cedar panels to replace worn out wood dock sections. Alumi-Spans unique interlocking aluminum board design also allows you to replace old wooden sections with cool anodized aluminum decking.


Q: Can I pick up dock sections, parts, and accessories from your factory location?

A: You can pick up anything we sell at a heavy discount if you are near our factory. We stock 25 deck sizes and styles and over 250 components and accessories.


Q: What are my shipping options?

A: We can UPS ship any of our parts that are 8’ or under. Dock sections and stairs have to be shipped LTL freight. If you are located in Lower Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, we can ship to you using our own delivery vehicles relatively economically. Please call us if you are in one of these areas.


Q: Do Aluminum docks get hot?

A: Alumi-Span anodizes the dock sections and stringers. Anodized Aluminum is the coolest dock we sell. Mill finished aluminum dock is offered by other dock companies and it will turn dark and get very hot. Alumi-Span does not offer mill finished aluminum on our dock sections.


Q: Why doesn’t your vinyl have holes in it?

A: Many companies are selling injection molded plastic docks with holes in the surface and claiming it to be vinyl. Most of these materials are uncomfortable to walk on and flex considerably when stepped on. We use this material for our stairs for traction, but it does not meet our strength and quality standards as far as using it to manufacture dock sections. Our vinyl is very solid to walk on and comes in three colors.


Q: Don’t cast parts break easier?

A: Alumi-Span engineers all of our own castings. Cast parts that are designed properly are much stronger than extrusions or stamped metal parts. We also use hot dipped galvanized fasteners to prevent corrosion making adjustments effortless.


Q: How long has Alumi-Span been in business?

A: Alumi-Span has been serving Michigan and beyond for over fifty years. We have been in business since 1956 providing high quality dock parts and full dock kits in Michigan and surrounding states. Alumi-Span invented the “F” stringer style dock years ago and has been improving it ever since. Many of the original docks purchased in the 50’s are still in use.