How to Build a Boat Dock on a Lake

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 2/3/2020

Do you have a lakefront home, cabin, or camping property?

Is your property incomplete without a boat dock?

A well-built dock provides a place to tie boats and jet skis, and a flat space for sunbathing and swimming. You want a boat dock that is visually appealing to look at and is safe for your friends and family.

Do you want to learn how to build a boat dock on your property? First, you need to know about two types of docks available: stationary and floating.

  • Stationary docks – These docks are considered permanent structures and are also known as piling docks. These docks are built on wood or concrete piles. They’re very stable and strong, making them a solid option for dock owners
  • Floating docks – As the name suggests, these docks float on the surface of the lake, making them a bit more versatile than stationary docks. They rise and fall with the lake’s water level, which eliminates the problem of a big drop between the water and dock during the dry season. Floating docks can be taken out of the water for storage, especially if you’re in a climate where the water freezes in winter.

How Do You Know Which Dock Type is Right for You?

First, you need to inspect the water depth and lake bed. This will determine water depths and help you decide if a stationary dock or floating dock is right for your use. The ideal lake bed for building a stationary dock is fairly flat and sandy – a rocky lake bed or one that has a huge drop can be problematic.

If the lake bed isn’t ideal and the water level is unreliable, a floating dock may be a better choice for you.

When to Build a DIY Dock and When to Hire the Pros

If you have some handyman skills, you might be able to build your own dock if it’s a smaller floating dock. (See our guide to DIY boat docks here.)

Building a boat dock isn’t always an easy process, especially if you have no experience. If you can, hire a professional to help make sure your dock is secure and properly built.

Finally, make sure you have the right boat dock parts! You want high quality, well-built parts that you can rely on to last for years with no repairs and minor maintenance. Check out our list of boat dock parts here!

Most of these components are designed and manufactured in-house, so you’ll know our parts aren’t like the cheap ones that are designed to cut corners. Our products are even tested in the water before sale, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dock is put together correctly and will be safe for your family and friends.

Learn How to Build a Boat Dock from Alumi-Span Docks!

You can rest assured that all of our boat dock parts are always of high quality. When you buy parts from us to do your own DIY dock, or need a complete custom dock, we’ve got you covered! Our experts have put together an installation guide, as well as instructional videos for your convenience. You can always call and talk to a member of our team, too! Contact us today to get started!