How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Boat Dock

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 6/26/2023
How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Boat Dock
Have you recently invested in a brand-new boat dock?

Are you noticing signs of wear and tear on your existing boat dock?

Owning a lake-front property can be a lot of work, and you need to maintain your aluminum boat dock just like you take care of your home and car.

Here are the top three things you need to do as a boat dock owner:
  1. Get a pressure washer and learn how to use it: Regular, thorough cleaning can extend the longevity of your boat dock. Before you use a pressure washer, make sure you know how to use it the right way. Never hold the washer any closer than one inch away from the dock deck!
  2. Use rub rails, bumpers, and boat dock fenders: Few things can shorten the life of your dock faster than a boat at ramming speed! Always practice safe boating, and make sure your dock is prepared with dock bumpers or rubber rails.
  3. If you choose a wooden dock, you can use stain: Your boat dock needs to withstand the elements, especially here in the Midwest. Strong storms mean that your dock takes a beating, and if you have a wooden dock, you need it to last. A good oil-based stain can increase the lifetime of a wood dock. If you have doubts about the longevity of your material, consider aluminum dock sections.

Anodized aluminum dock sections are incredibly high value when you compare them to other dock materials that don’t last as long and aren’t as durable.

Docks were made to create more time on the water, not less! If you want a durable dock you don’t have to worry about, an aluminum dock might be right for you.

Anodized Aluminum Dock Sections: Nothing’s Lighter, Nothing’s Cooler, Nothing’s Stronger

Alumi-Span originated the all-aluminum boat dock in 1956. Don't be fooled by cheaper "non-anodized" units! Unlike some competitive units, our docks are made with a strong alloy and our acid-etched anodizing process will not turn black over time. Our dock boards interlock together and then are fastened with stainless fasteners. Tough adhesive is added to eliminate squeaks and rattles.

We manufacture our products using quality methods and materials, and that’s why many Alumi-Span aluminum boat docks are still in use after more than 50 years!

Whether it's a complete boat dock system or the individual components, we have what you need to get back out on the water with peace of mind. Call us today at 855-523-2444 or contact us to purchase your new aluminum boat dock.