• How To Assemble A Standard Assembly (H-Assembly)!

  • Installing A Basic Dock

  • Installing A Basic Dock With Augers

  • Installing A "L" Shaped Dock (Using A 90 Degree Crossarm)

  • Installing Dock With a Platform

  • Installing A Corner Section And End Cap Bumpers
  • Installing Alumi-Span Perma Auger
  • Installing Anodized Aluminum End Caps (Regular + "L" Style)
  • Building And Mounting An Alumi-Span Dock Ladder

  • Installing Snap On And Bolt On Diagonal Braces

  • Re-Building Your Dock With Anodized Aluminum Dock Boards

  • Installing Alumi-Span Torpedo Bumpers and Extension Bumpers

  • Installing Alumi-Span Heavy Duty Bumpers

  • Installing A Seawall Bracket