Is Your Dock Ready for Summer?

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/30/2023
Is Your Dock Ready for Summer?
Summer is quickly approaching! After a long Midwestern winter, imagine how great the warm sun and cool water will feel after all the gray, icy days for the last three months. 

With summer on the way, making sure your boat dock is in peak condition is important. Nobody wants to spend the summer fixing their dock when they could be enjoying it instead!

There are a few parts of your dock that should be inspected at the beginning of boating season:
  • Clamps and brackets: make sure all pieces are there, along with necessary hardware
  • Nuts and bolts: check that you have all necessary nuts and bolts for attaching dock
  • Poles: check for dents or damage from winter storage
  • Boards and panels: look for loose boards or panels on your dock.
  • Accessories: check for any that need spring clean-up or power washing
These inspections may seem small, but they can affect the safety of your dock, so it’s important to make sure your hardware is in top shape!

If you have a floating dock, be extra vigilant when checking on its condition—floating docks are constantly wrestling with the water, which makes wear and tear more likely.

Aluminum docks are less likely to sustain heavy damage from winter weather than wooden docks and are therefore less likely to need summer maintenance. To learn more about building an aluminum boat dock, click here. 

Alumi-Span Helps Maintain Your Aluminum Boat Dock

Alumi-Span Docks has been helping waterfront property owners build and design docks for over 60 years; many of the original docks made by Alumi-Span are still in use today! Building a dock with us not only ensures a long-lived dock, but also an easily maintain dock. Submit a request here or call (855) 523-2444 to start getting your aluminum boat dock ready for summer!