Is Your Wooden Dock Ready for Summer?

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 5/31/2019
What’s better than a summertime spent with your family and friends?
What about putting up your wooden dock after a long, dreary, Michigan winter?
We’ll answer that for you - NOTHING! At Alumi-Span, we share your love for summer- especially that glorious feeling of lounging on your boat dock while dipping your feet into the lake.
Thankfully, it’s that time of year again, and if your wooden dock needs any repairs, this is the perfect chance to think about a new design, or new materials. While you’re at it, why not upgrade your dock and add more entertainment features, or widen it for your entire family to enjoy? After all, this is an extension of your home- make it feel that way!
Let us help you upgrade your wooden dock to fit your family’s needs. Here are a few ways:

  • Dock accessories
    • Do you have young children or elderly parents using your wooden docks? If so, we recommend installing steps and ladders as safety precautions. Optional hand railings and bumpers are other accessories that add stability and security to your wooden docks.
  • Dock lighting
    • Ready for summer nights? Dock lights help identify your dock and help navigate through the dark waters. It will also make it easier for passengers to load and unload the boat.
  • Dock seating
    • Tired of sitting on your hard, wooden docks? Spice up your space with a bench or two!
  • Swimming rafts
    • Have you ever felt the excitement of jumping off a swimming raft? If not, you’re really missing out on a summer fun classic!
We make it easy for our accessories to meet all your needs. Our system uses 4” high “F” style strings on the deck frame and 2” O.D. tubing; these dimensions are commonly used on other wooden docks, so our accessories will fit other brands too! Also, our convenient and functional accessories are made with top quality, durable U.S. made materials.
Do I need a permit for dock construction?
Probably - be sure to double-check with your municipality to find specific construction rules for your wooden dock. Michigan laws state that a permanent wooden dock left in for the entire year require permits. But, if your seasonal wooden docks are private and don’t interfere with other water uses, they do not require a permit.
Am I allowed to put a raft wherever I want to?
If you want to add more outdoor toys to your wooden dock, you certainly can! Most Michigan landowners have bottom rights to the land in front of their property. That means there are no legal issues involved in floating a raft or anchoring it on the bottom! But, for safety reasons, we recommend you appropriately place any rafts closer to shore, near where the water depth drops off.
For over 60 years, we’ve worked with families to design perfect wooden docks to fit their needs. Our knowledge and devotion have helped families make memories (and wooden docks) that last a lifetime! Property owners across Michigan trust Alumi-Span for our high quality and dependability. Check out some of our work here!
Don’t wait to upgrade your wooden dock! Call us at 855-523-2444 or submit a request here. We can’t wait to hear from you!