Making Your Dock Dog-Friendly

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 5/2/2024
Making Your Dock Dog-Friendly
Do your dogs love spending time on the water?

Is your boat dock safe for your dog?

If you have four-legged family members who love the water, ensuring your dock is canine-friendly is essential for their safety and enjoyment. Before spending a day on the lake with man’s best friend, make sure you’re decked out with dog-friendly accessories and building materials.

Dog-Friendly Accessories

Dock End Bumpers: Prevent accidents by capping open ends with boat dock end bumpers. These not only dog-proof the dock but also add a personalized touch with various color options.

Stairs: Ensure your dog can get in and out of the water safely by installing stairs. Made in the USA for strength and durability, these are a must-have for any dog-friendly dock.

Safety Corners: Eliminate safety hazards with corner sections that provide a smooth transition from the dock to platforms, preventing injuries from jumping over open spaces.

Dog-Friendly Building Materials

Paw-Friendly Decking: Just like kids, dogs love to run down the dock and take a leap into the water. Our docks utilize premium materials to keep everyone safe, especially your furry friends.

Wood Decking: We hand-select premium lumber during the construction process to ensure the boards are smooth and free of splinters and holes, providing a comfortable surface for your dog's paws.

Vinyl/Aluminum Decking: Vinyl and aluminum decking feature built-in tread patterns that offer traction even when wet, without being harsh on your dog's paws. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces!

Faux Wood Decking: Powder-coated faux wood decking provides a maintenance-free option with added traction to ensure safety for dogs of all ages.

Quality Cast Parts: Our docks feature cast aluminum parts that are engineered for strength and durability. Say goodbye to bending, breaking, or slipping over time, even with the most enthusiastic dogs on board.

Quality Decking: We prioritize strength and durability with structural-grade aluminum, extruded vinyl, and premium lumber decking materials. No need to worry about cracks, bends, or warping, even with the weight of excited dogs running and jumping.

Quality Build: Our docks are built to last, with center beams and side stringers made from thick-walled aluminum. Each section is weight-tested to ensure quality and safety for all family members, furry or otherwise.

Shop Dog-Friendly Dock Accessories and More!

Ready to transform your dock into a summer hangout for you and your dog? Explore our range of dog-friendly dock accessories here! Whether you're designing a new dock or upgrading an existing one, we're here to help you and your furry family members enjoy the lake to the fullest this summer!