Making Your Dock Safe and Enjoyable for Young Family Members

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/28/2024
Making Your Dock Safe and Enjoyable for Young Family Members
Do you have kids or grandkids? 

What about nieces and nephews?

Is your dock safe for them to play on?

Summer may feel far away, but when it comes to your boat dock, it’s best to start preparing early! If you have young family members, you’ll want to make sure your dock is ready for when they’re out of school for the summer and eager to spend their time on the lake! Alumi-Span has all you need to ensure your dock is safe for those long summer days.


Whether you choose wood or a lower maintenance decking, our docks use only premium materials to keep everyone safe, especially when kids run down the dock to take that first leap into the lake.

Pine/Cedar Decking: The premium lumber we use is hand-sorted during the building process to ensure the boards are free of blemishes.  No sharp splinters or cracked boards to hurt those bare feet!

Vinyl/Aluminum Decking: Our vinyl and aluminum decking has built-in tread patterns that keep them from being slippery when wet, while not being harsh on bare feet. The tread patterns on the boards run the entire width of the boards, leaving no blank spots that can be slippery fall hazards.

Faux Wood Decking: While powder coating is a great way to get that wooden dock look in a maintenance-free option, it fills in the built-in tread, which can make it slippery.  We’ve solved this problem by adding traction to the powder coat, making it safe to walk on no matter a person’s age.

Stability and Strength

Summer loves the sound of bare feet running down a dock followed by a splash into the water.  While jumping into the lake from the dock is a summer staple, not all docks can hold up to the toll kids take on them.  Alumi-Span has several features that make it able to hold up to the wildest of youngsters.

Quality Cast Parts: We use all quality cast aluminum parts that are engineered in-house.  Quality cast parts are much stronger than thin metal stampings or composite plastic parts.  Quality cast parts aren’t going to bend, break, or slip over time, which is essential for a group of kids having summer fun!

Quality Decking: While some docks try to cut costs by using subpar decking, Alumi-Span chooses only strong decking material for our docks. Cheap plastics will crack and break as children run and leap into the water.  Our structural-grade aluminum, extruded vinyl, and premium lumber can all stand the weight of kids running and jumping from them without cracking, bending, or warping over time.

Quality Build: No manufacturer should cut corners when building their docks.  We use center beams are along the back of the sections that are supported by a rest on the crossarm.  Side stringers use a thicker walled aluminum, and sections have been weight tested to ensure quality and safety.  


Dock accessories can help make final safety precautions before the kids hit the lake this summer. All of the following accessories are available in our shop!

Dock End Bumpers: Are the open ends of your dock exposed, leaving the corners of the metal stringers in the open?  Kids can easily get caught on these, turning a fun day at the lake into a traumatic experience.  Cap those open edges with a boat dock end bumper.  These not only child-proof the ends, but also come in different colors, making it a great way to personalize your dock! 

Stairs & Ladders: Do you want a way for the little ones to get in and out of the water safely? Alumi-Span offers several options for stairs or ladders that can work in almost any situation.  These quality products made in the USA won’t leave your loved ones hanging.  Their strength and durability make them a must-have for any dock with kids. 

Corner Sections: Having a platform or seating area at the end of your dock is a wonderful way to have space to sit and enjoy the long days of summer.  However, kids love taking the short cut and leaping over the open corner onto the platform.  Eliminate that safety hazard with a corner section!  The corner section makes a smooth transition from the outgoing dock to a platform without that tempting open space kids love to jump over.

Paddle Board Racks: Do your kids leave their paddle boards lying on the dock or scattered on the shore? Paddle boards left lying around are an unsightly tripping hazard.  Solve this problem with an all-aluminum paddle board rack.  These slide over your dock poles and accommodate two paddle boards. 

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Ready to safety-proof your dock for family fun?

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