Most Popular Boat Dock Accessories

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 1/1/2021
If you already have a boat dock or are starting the process of buying or building a new one, you’re probably also interested in dock accessories that will make your dock more functional and attractive.

You can find accessories that are made to make everything on the water easier, and accessories that will let you enjoy your dock even when the boat is tied up.

The most popular accessories for the modern dock owner include:

  1. Dock lights – If you’re planning on a sunset swim or boat ride, coming back to your dock in the evening can be risky business without lights to guide your way. Lights are an essential safety feature that can make it easier to dock your boat and avoid collisions.
  2. Cameras – For extra peace of mind, security cameras can be installed in your dock area to keep an eye on your boat and boat dock.
  3. Boat Lifts – To protect your boat from hull damage and keep it safe from storms, consider a boat lift. This is also ideal for winter boat storage.
  4. Fishing Accessories – If you’re an avid fisherman, adding accessories right to your dock will make your hobby easier and more enjoyable. Look for fish cleaning tables, rod holders, and lights to let you enjoy fishing right from your home dock.
  5. Aluminum Ladders – A step ladder is an essential dock accessory. This will keep you and your friends and family safe from mishaps when entering and exiting the boat and if you use your dock for swimming, a ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the water.
  6. Boat Dock Bumpers – Bumpers prevent damage to boats during storms and rough weather and act as a buffer between your dock and the boat itself.
  7. Railings – Use railings to prevent slip and fall accidents and keep your dock kid-friendly. Choose stainless steel cable railings to prevent rust and corrosion!

Accessories allow you to safeguard your boat while making the dock easier to use and more functional. They’re also the best way to protect your investment. There are so many options to choose from, so if you need help deciding on the right accessories for you, call Alumi-Span to talk to one of our boat dock experts!

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