Prevent Mishaps with Boat Dock Bumpers

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/29/2018
Are you considering a complete set of bumpers for your boat dock? Want to protect the investment you’ve made in your boat and dock? Ready to learn more about what boat dock bumpers can do for you?

If you have a dock and any watercraft, everyone knows you are investing time and money into them. Protecting these valued items is a no-brainer, and one of the most effective ways to do so is with a complete system of boat dock bumpers.

Dinging a post or protruding bolt here and there may seem like no big deal at the time. But as these bumps and bruises accumulate, they can cause some real damage to your boat and dock. It’s better to protect boat and dock now before the damage starts to put a ding in your wallet.

Check out our guide to boat dock bumpers below to discover what you need to protect your investments!

Boat Dock Bumper Guide

  • Truck and trailer bumpers: before you even get the boat to the dock, keep your equipment safe with bumpers for you truck or trailer. However you’re transporting your boat, bumpers will make sure it gets to the dock in perfect shape.
  • Torpedo post bumpers: The pipes that support your boat dock present a potential threat to your boat and are susceptible to damage themselves. Be proactive and avoid damage with torpedo post bumpers. With a durable and attractive design, torpedo bumpers wrap around dock pipes to cushion against impact and cover brackets and bolts.
  • Dock End Bumpers: The ends of your dock are a potential point of damage, especially when you pull in to dock your boat or other craft. A small miscalculation could leave you with a big bill! Safeguard both boat and dock with bumpers that fit the end of you dock. Available in a variety of colors, the bumpers will match your existing look while keeping your investments in great shape.
  • Side Stringer Bumpers: Very similar to end bumpers, side stringers fit along the edge of your dock and are particularly useful along any boat slip or sides where people pull up with a water craft. The clean and attractive design lends a polished look to your dock while protecting it and your boat from tough landings.
  • Vertical Bumpers: Docks on a larger body of water may be served well by vertical bumpers which keep boats in a safe and secure position when water levels fluctuate significantly. Running perpendicular to your dock, the design of these bumpers prevents boats and other crafts from slipping under the dock when the water is at a low levels or choppy.
  • Heavy Duty Bumpers: Boaters with larger vessels or who want extra strength protection should consider heavy duty bumpers for their dock. The thick, sturdy design of this product can be employed in multiple ways and they are an excellent form of protection for your boat and dock alike.

Trust Alumi-Span with Your Boat Dock Bumper Needs

With so many options available for the safety of your boat and dock, you can customize for fully protected waterfront access! With over 60 years of experience in custom boat docks and accessories, trust Alumi-Span to assist you with choosing the right boat dock bumpers to fit your needs and even get help with installation! Give us a call today and get answers to all your questions about boat dock bumpers.