Protect Your Investment with our Dock Maintenance Tips

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 4/1/2021
Worried about major maintenance and owning a boat dock? Hoping to avoid as much dock maintenance as possible? Considering an aluminum dock at your waterfront property?

A sturdy dock is no small thing when you need access to the water. In fact, a durable and, ideally, attractive dock is one of your top priorities on any waterfront property. But with constant exposure to water and weather, maintenance of your dock can be a huge (and expensive) pain!

Instead of dreading the idea of something going wrong with your dock, imagine taking fate into your hands with a few easy tips to avoid costly maintenance on your boat dock. Our 5 boat dock maintenance tips can help you keep your dock in great shape for years to come.

  1. Go Anodized Aluminum: The more quality anodized aluminum decking products you incorporate into your boat dock, the less maintenance the dock will need. If you’re considering a new dock or replacing parts or sections of your current dock, anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for durability and a clean look.

  2. Treat Your Wood: If wood plays a role in your current dock or is in your plans for a new dock, making sure the wood is treated is a must! Treated wood will last much longer in the water, saving you maintenance and repair.  Sealing the wood is also an option.  This can add to the lifespan of the product and make it more appealing.  Our cedar dock section come sealed from the factory. 

  3. Weatherize: Not only do the large sections of your dock need to be weather resistant, but every inch of the dock needs to be rated for outdoor use, down to the last screw. Standard indoor screws, fasteners, bolts, etc. will quickly corrode and potentially cause more issues. So, when making a small repair, use the good stuff.  Hot dipped galvanized or stainless is suggested. If you’re inheriting a dock, be on the lookout for rust and corrosion.

  4. Keep It Clean: Cleaning your dock a few times each season can help minimize more significant maintenance needs. If you have wood sections many time the grey color on them is actually dirt and can be washed off with a light power washing or brush. Aluminum can be cleaned with a power washer as well or mild solvent.

  5. On the Lookout: Watch out for small issues you can quickly address before they turn into a maintenance disaster. Fix splinters, raised nails, and loose bolts promptly so they don’t put undue pressure on other components of the dock.
Simple as they are, these tips can really save you from a big maintenance hassle in the future!

For more information about dock maintenance, or if you are considering an aluminum dock at your property, give us a call today. With more than 50 years of experience, we have expertise to give you a beautiful dock that lasts!