Reasons to Keep Boating in Autumn

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 9/1/2021
Getting the blues that summer is coming to an end?

As the calendar turns from August to September, many families are focused on getting back to the routine of early bedtime and back to school.

However, fall is still a great time for boating on the weekends! Even after the kids go back to school and the weather starts to get cooler, you can take advantage of fall boating to escape for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Some fall boating advantages to consider:

  1. Enjoy the quiet! Fall boating means boat ramps and marinas are less quiet. Beaches, sandbars, and popular anchorages will be quieter and less crowded too, and you may find you have one of your favorite spots all to yourself.
  2. Check out the fall colors! In our opinion, the best way to see the oranges, yellows, and fiery reds of fall foliage is by boat. Pack your camera, too! The reflection of those bright colors in the lake or river is an image you’ll want to capture.
  3. Cool, refreshing air. This summer has been hot and muggy for those of us in the Midwest, and the cool autumn air will give us all some much-needed relief. Remember, shorter days in the fall means less sunlight, so if you’re going for a sunset boat ride, remember to pack warmer clothes.
  4. Stargazing! Earlier darkness means a better chance at staying up to see the stars. The less traffic on lakes and rivers also means you can enjoy picking out constellations and even planets on a cool, dark night.

Stock Up on Dock Accessories for Fall Boating

If you’re going to keep boating into the fall season, you want to be sure you’ve got all the dock accessories you need to do it safely. Dock lights and dock bumpers will be essential as the days get shorter and it gets darker while you’re still out on the water.

Need advice? We can help! Not only can we get you the accessories you need, but we can help you plan for getting your dock out of the water and making sure you have a plan for reinstalling it next spring.

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