The Right Paint to Touch Up Your Boat

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 8/1/2020
For many of us Michiganders, summer means getting out on our boats and hitting the lake. 

With all the good times our boats provide for us and our families, it’s only fair we take good care of them so they can continue to be part of our memories for years to come. 

 Maintaining a boat is a lot of work, but one of the obvious steps is often the most neglected: applying paint to touch up your boat. A boat is a big investment, so the idea of messing up a paint job is enough to make people skip this step. 

What if I get the wrong type of paint? 

What if I don’t allow it to dry in time?

What if it’s not waterproof? 

 These are all valid concerns but touching up your boat is such an important part of making it last and shouldn’t be left undone. 

There are two types of paints: above water and below. Paint for above the waterline is oil-based and helps protect the boat against UV rays as well as gives strength and flexibility to your vessel. Below water paint, particularly for the bottom of boats, has anti-fouling properties. This means it’s designed to slowly release copper, which prevents the growth of organisms like barnacles. Left unchecked, these organisms can cause drag to your boat, and it will take more fuel to move your boat through the water. Simply take a look at your boat and check to see where it could use some touching up. 

If paint is peeling above the water or looking faded, a fresh coat or a bit of touching up not only improves the appearance but makes the boat stronger. Lots of dings and scratches on the bottom of the boat, as well as barnacle growth, means you could use some below water paint to prevent that growth. Application is easy, and there are paints for wood, metal and fiberglass boats. All you need to do is clean the desired surface and allow it to dry, then apply the paint with a brush or sponge. Above water paint only needs 2 hours to dry, and below water takes about 4. 

 Though it seems like a big undertaking, simply painting your boat can increase its durability and improve your boating experience. It’s recommended that the bottom of a boat be painted once a year, and the upper part depends on sun exposure. 

This summer, as you’re enjoying some time out on the water thanks to your vessel, make sure to return the favor and take a few hours to give your boat what it needs. Choosing and using the right paint to touch up your boat can add years onto its life, as well as a beautiful finish. 

 For more tips on how to care for your boat as well as tools to make your life easier on and off the water, contact us today!