Top Offseason Boat Projects

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 12/30/2021
Missing your boat in the off-season?

Midwestern winters are long! How can you cure your winter blues?

The off-season is the perfect time to start your boat maintenance projects. If you love working on your boat to keep it in pristine shape before dock installation time, this is a great time of the year to tackle your to-do list.

Here’s the top projects to take care of while lakes and rivers are frozen:

  1. Repair, rebuild, or replace: You may be thinking of repairing, or replacing your entire boat, but this task also applies to smaller projects. Take this time to replace old hoses and clamps. Also, double check hatch gaskets that are normally tucked away in small areas of your boat. Avoid any accidents or citations during boating season by replacing or repairing any broken navigation lights. This is also a great time to look at your boat dock while it’s in storage. Do any sections need to be replaced? What about giving it a good scrub? When dock installation time comes in the spring, you’ll be glad you took care of any upkeep beforehand.

  2. Upgrade your instruments and gauges: If any of the gauges on your dash are over 10 years old, you may want to consider replacing them. If you need to replace them yourself rather than having your boat serviced by a professional, make sure you take a photo of the dash first so you can remember the position of even gauge. Use extreme caution working with wires and electrical components.

  3. Add lights: The safety lighting on your boat should be a top priority! Keep your passengers safe and navigation easier when you add marine lights to your boat.

  4. Consider a boat dock: The offseason is the perfect time to replace that old, wooden boat dock with a shiny new aluminum boat dock! We’ve got high quality dock sections to fit any style and color, and we can provide tips for dock installation too!

Considering an Upgrade Before Dock Installation Time?

After you’ve made needed repairs and upgrades to your boat, it may also be time to upgrade your boat dock! Docks were made to create more time on the water, not less! If you want a durable dock you don’t have to worry about, an aluminum boat dock might be right for you.

At Alumi-Span Docks, we pride ourselves on being a name people trust. Since 1956, we’ve manufactured our products using quality methods and materials, that’s why many Alumi-Span aluminum boat docks are still in use after more than 50 years!

Whether it's a complete boat dock system, dock installation tips, or the individual components, we have what you need to get back out on the water with peace of mind. Call us today at 855-523-2444!