Unique Dock Designs

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 7/1/2021
Designing a boat dock but don’t know where to start?

Do you want something with more “wow” factor than a traditional boat dock?

Dock design is an important part of the dock building process. A large, rectangular shape is easy to build and functional, but does it really serve your needs, or could you have something more unique that will impress your friends and neighbors and combine your outdoor hobbies?

Here are some options to consider when you begin designing your boat dock:

  1. Integrated seating - Many docks are now being built with seating built-in, for a more cohesive look. Pulling chairs in and out of the garage or shed every time you have friends over is a hassle, so why not make them permanent?
  2. Rope handrails - Rope handrails provide added stability and security. Metal handrails can get cold overnight or hot in the sweltering summer sun, so rope is an overall better choice. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing!
  3. A built-in hammock or swing – If you’re building a large dock, friends will love a built-in hammock or bench swing! Perfect for sunset viewing, reading, or keeping an eye on the kids as they swim, this is a fun addition to your boat dock that will get rave reviews.

Extra fun options like these can really take your dock to the next level as an entertainment space, instead of just a functional dock.

Experts at Alumi-Span Docks can help with Dock Design!

Getting the size of your dock right can be frustrating if you must measure several times, but you’re in luck! We’ve got our own dock design tool that you can use to get a quote!

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