Update Dock Accessories for Next Summer

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 11/29/2022
Update Dock Accessories for Next Summer

Are you already making plans for a safe and family-friendly summer boating season on your dock?

Want tips to share with your family to keep them safe on the dock this year?

In some ways your dock is a tool. It’s useful and practical, a means to an end: access to the water and your boat. But if you have a family, your boat dock also serves as a venue for fun and play. That makes it even more important to assure your dock is family-friendly and as safe as possible!

To keep your family safe on and by the water, consider these upgrades, including some great dock accessories, for your waterfront space:

  • Lighting: Early morning fishing outings? Late night stroll on the dock? Swimming at dusk? Make sure these activities are well lighted to avoid accidents and unnecessary risk. Solar lights are a great accessory for safety and accessibility.
  • Cables: check all cables on your boat lift and elsewhere for signs of excessive wear or corrosion. Be sure they don’t interfere with moving freely on the dock. Cables should be checked at the beginning and end of each season and intermittently throughout the season.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning: not only will this keep your dock looking great, but it will also extend its life, help you avoid more costly repairs, and keep the dock safer with a smooth, sturdy, level surface for your family to enjoy.
  • Bumpers: Enough quality bumpers can help keep your family safe in many ways. It will absorb shock, protecting the boat, the dock, and your family in case of a hard landing.
  • Stairs and ladders: if you have large steps up or down or the dock is used for swimming, stairs and ladders are a great way to increase the safety of your family. Ladders are also beneficial in case of a fall and for general accessibility.
  • Corner sections: do you have kids or even pets that like jumping the corners of your dock? You can discourage this dangerous behavior and add a little more space for people to maneuver by adding corner dock sections.

There’s no reason to risk your family’s safety when these safety items are so easy to put into place. If you are interested in any of the dock accessories featured here, or have other questions about dock safety, give us a call today!

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