Using Angle Cuts on the First Section of Your Dock

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 2/29/2024
Using Angle Cuts on the First Section of Your Dock
Is your lake front on an angle?  

Is your dock running into your neighbor’s dock? 

It’s always best to get along with your neighbors, but many lake sites are not in line with the neighboring properties, which can cause issues with docks running into each other.  

To keep everyone on their property, Alumi-Span can put an angle across the first section of your dock. In many cases, this can bring everything back in line with the dock next to yours. This can help save you from neighborly disputes, and in the worst cases, legal action. 

Cutting an angle on an aluminum dock is a little more involved than just ripping through it with a saw. Alumi-Span takes care to make sure all decking material still has adequate support after making the cut. We also make sure to cap off any sharp edges made by cutting the angle on the dock section to avoid injury. We’ve seen plenty of bad angle cut jobs, and many lack support, which can be dangerous to walk on.  

When cutting an angle, it’s important to measure carefully. A small angle cut at the beginning of a dock could moving the end of the dock over several feet. While this is a great way to avoid running into your neighbors, you don’t want to go too far and create a problem on the other side as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that large angle cuts (over 30-45 degrees) can take up a significant portion of the first dock piece. Careful measurement is needed here as well, especially if the length of the dock needs to be in a specific location. If you live locally, Alumi-Span can help you measure the angle cut. 

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