Why Choose an Aluminum Boat Dock?

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 5/3/2021
Is your boat dock heavy?

Are you tired of installing it every summer?

Does it cost a fortune to maintain?

All boaters and lake goers want the same thing: to get on the water as soon as possible. But your choice of dock could be affecting how quickly you can enjoy the water.

Aluminum boat docks may be the best choice for those who want stress-free summers. Nothing kept in water will last forever, however, aluminum boat docks come the closest to it. Their unique attributes simply outlive other dock materials like wood, steel, and vinyl.

Aluminum boat docks are:

  1. Lightweight- Weighing considerably less than wood docks, aluminum docks are easy to install and remove. This means less hassle at the start of summer and less of a load on your shoreline or foundation.
  2. Durable- Aluminum won’t warp or twist like wood, and is 3X stronger than wood. Even the strongest of wakes won’t compromise aluminum, and with the right conditions, aluminum boat docks can last 30-50 years.
  3. Low Maintenance- Aluminum docks can be used and enjoyed rather than used and monitored. Wood docks rot, need painting or refinishing every 2-3 years, and can split. Aluminum is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Aluminum docks can be cleaned with soap and water or pressure washed.
  4. Rust Resistant- Unlike other metals, aluminum boat docks are completely rust resistant because they are made from anodized aluminum. This anodized layer means the metal will never rust, chip, or flake.
  5. Comfortable- No more splinters from wood docks! Aluminum docks have an even surface that is kept cool by the anodized aluminum.

Spend less time worrying about your dock, and more time on the water!

Docks were made to create more time on the water, not less! If you want a durable dock you don’t have to worry about, an aluminum boat dock might be right for you.

At Alumi-Span Docks, we pride ourselves on being a name people trust. Since 1956, we’ve manufactured our products using quality methods and materials, that’s why many Alumi-Span aluminum boat docks are still in use after more than 50 years!

Whether it's a complete boat dock system or the individual components, we have what you need to get back out on the water with peace of mind. Call us today at 855-523-2444 or visit our website to purchase your new aluminum boat dock.