5 Bolt-On Dock Accessories You Need

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/30/2020

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your dock? If you’re looking for a unique accessory with long-term benefits, there are many options you can choose to make your lakeside experience better. High-quality durable accessories that are compatible with your dock will let you and your guests of all ages use your dock in all kinds of weather.

Alumi-Span Docks - COVID-19 Precautions

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/18/2020

Covid-19 is having a significant impact on many businesses right now.  Alumi-Span is a small family owned business in the marine industry. As such, our priority is the safety of our employees, as well as our customers.  Due to the nature of how we deliver and distribute our product, face to face customer contact is generally minimal.  That being said, we do have walk ins and we are taking every precaution.

This situation is evolving at an unprecedented rate.  As the CDC, as well as local and state governments are putting more restrictions in place, Alumi-Span is doing our best comply with all mandates, without affecting the normal flow of business.  While there is potential for Covid-19 to cause supply chain issues, staffing problems, and even disrupt essential business travel, that is not the case for us yet.  Alumi-Span is still firing on all cylinders and is ready to work hard to earn and keep your business.

What Makes Anodized Aluminum Dock Sections Different?

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 3/3/2020
Anodized aluminum dock sections are one of the best options for a dock system. The combination of light weight, high strength, cool to walk on, and easy stack-ability make this dock design.
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