The Importance of Quality Materials in Boat Dock Manufacturing

Posted by Alumi-Span Docks on 10/26/2023
The Importance of Quality Materials in Boat Dock Manufacturing
Do you know what your boat dock parts are made of?

How do quality materials make a difference?

Simply put, quality materials in manufacturing means quality parts for you to buy! Here are four ways that dock parts made with quality materials make a difference:

Safety: top-quality accessories aren’t just made from great materials, they’re also more likely to go through rigorous safety testing and engineering. Lower quality materials aren’t automatically less safe, but are much less likely to have been tested because that’s an added cost. If you buy cheaper accessories, you could be putting yourself and others at risk.

Durability: low-quality, cheap materials aren’t going to last as long as the good stuff. That’s why durability ties in directly with money and cost. Investing in quality materials buys you something that lasts. You’re more than likely to get your money’s worth out of quality products that are durable and won’t need to be replaced for years.

Money: if you save a boat load with low-quality boat dock accessories today, you’ll pay for it later. Not only are these cheaper accessories likely to need replacing sooner, but it’s possible they could damage your other equipment or fail unexpectedly. Paying more upfront for quality accessories will save you money and headaches long-term.

Guarantee: Quality materials are more likely to be guaranteed or warrantied by the manufacturer. Part of what you pay for when you get quality materials is the guarantee! Not only is your product protected, but you’ll have peace of mind when you’re out using your dock, boat, and accessories.
Other material alternatives, like cheap stampings or fabricated parts, can't be produced with the exact shape needed, and can result in excessive play or a noisy boat dock installation. With some of these designs, it’s difficult to make even simple adjustments.

Pick Quality Materials for Michigan Dock Installation

Alumi-Span uses high quality castings and extrusions in the applications where they work the best, and our alloys are specifically chosen for their intended purpose. We also use proper corrosion resistant fasteners for all applications. This means you can trust the safety and longevity of Alumi-Span parts.

Before you start on your Michigan dock installation, call (855) 523-2444 or submit a contact form here if you need help picking the best parts for the job!